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On this page I'll include an annotated list of all the Rufus Brown's stage appearances. I'll include pictures and comments on each concert. I'll also include sample sound and video files, if I can get my hands on some. Please e-mail me if you have information to contribute as well.

Here's an example of a format I might use for the entries in my musicography.

(2003; Through the Colors of Time)


Rufus Brown is a Chicago area musician singer / songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. His style can be described as "alternative folk-rock."  His music has been described as a synthesis of the sounds of Norah Jones, Tom Waits, Beck, Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Tweedy.  As a solo act, it's just Rufus and his guitar; he is, however, currently involved with a band called Mertyl, presently in production on its second CD.  To fit the bill, Rufus can offer solo singer / songwriter entertainment, a duo, a trio or the full quartet.  For all arrangements, their goal is to entertain.
According to Rufus, one of the band members, one of the versions of the band name was "called "early Mertyl" with Luther.  Luther is a mythical character who's now somewhere in the far east, he tripped on acid and went nuts.  He was the weirdo to begin with.  So after he left, that's when Johanna came into the picture; she "folkerized" the music a bit, added an appealing female element missing from "early Mertyl" and made it far more marketable to not only the college scene, but the soccer mom as well!  And finally, there's this dance / techno / experimental band called "Mertyl (mute)" that feature Sora, Gluuk and Lootho from Greenland, go figure.  They specialize in 12 minute dance dramas that have a catchy beat with sounds that provoke the soul to bend into forms in motion unseen before and never to be seen again.  Some believe that Lootho is really Luther of "early Mertyl" but it's hard to tell."

Favorite CD

In this area I'll talk about what I think is this star's best CD. I'll try to explain why I think it's their best work and why it's important to me personally.