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Running a business is never easy, but building an effective web site can often make a huge difference in increasing sales, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

The background for my business comes from the need for quality management and services for independent artists, arts organizations, small businesses and individuals. As a consultant I have gained the skills from my education, and over 20 years of work-related experience, to deliver those services and to help others build their career. I have services such as long-term project planning, artist management, event booking, identity and promotional material design and packaging, artistic development and training, grant writing, media relations, graphic design and computer technology help.
CRAVE Chicago celebrates Chicago's best women entrepreneurs and connects them to the world's savviest shoppers! I have been invited to be included in the 2009 CRAVE Chicago book celebrating stylish women entreprenuers.  See  or  for a peek at the activities and actual books which will soon be available in bookstores. There will also be a book launch party and you can e-mail me directly at if you would like to buy a signed copy of one of the books.
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