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Karlene M. Anderson (Olesuk)

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Our roster of available singer/songwriters, musicians, artists and consultants

  • We now are doing independent national and international bookings for the agency Ally Entertainment and its core products Hyper Harp, (going to be at MIDEM in France in January 2005!) Astro Beat Circus, Heavy Hitters and the Chicago Blues Revue.
  • Chilean-American vocalist Claudia Peréz Brown - A unique, sophisticated sound, she sings with a passion that goes straight to your heart.  Claudia Peréz is all about passion, sophistication, sensuality, a diversity of sounds and colors.  She is available as a soloist/teacher, as a duo, or as a full band with guitar, keyboard, drums, back up vocalists, etc.
  • Annie & the Jazz Orphans are based in Milwaukee, but looking to expand their touring to Chicago. On this, their first project as an established band, AJO perform works as widely varied as their experience.
  • The late Rufus Brown was among other things, a guitarist and singer/songwriter.  He was in a band called Mertyl and their 1st CD was called "Throught the Colors of Time" His fellow band members are available as soloists, as well a duo and trio bookings. For updates see
  • Rufus Brown described the band Mertyl as a trio made up of himself, Bret Vandonsel and Johanna McKenzie Miller moving towards the folksy side of things with many instruments including guitar, soprano guitar, banjcello (bass), keyboards, three-part harmony type jazzy/folksy stuff.  He said it's much like Norah Jones, but a bit more on the up beatish rock side or more like Tom Waits.  If one of the three couldn't make a gig, nay if the other two couldn't make the gig, one still could. It worked best as a trio, still works well as a duo with either Bret or Johanna, but they're Rufus' tunes and he did solo gigs if need be. It's appropriate for cafes and bookstores, but can easily be taken beyond that.  Some of the tunes are a bit Norah Jones like but with Brett, he can just give it that extra bit of something in musicality that makes it better, perhaps. Not as sugar coated.  Mertyl is totally different, not any better, but their goal is to be better. Rufus had liked that one reply from a Nashville label said they were "excited about the talent, tunes and arrangement..." and that the band has "great potential."
  • Angel Colon  is guitarist based in Chicago as a singer/songwriter looking for gigs as a soloist or a band leader in his own right on his off days from The 17th Floor. He has gained "road dog" experience from his ongoing contributions to nationally touring rap/rock band - The 17th Floor
  • Looking for FOLK, WORLD FUSION, JAZZ, or NEW AGEY stuff? Check out established artists Paul Adams and David Hoffman (a.k.a. former trumpet player for the late Ray Charles).

  • For all your technical computer and webside design needs see Anderson Computer Consulting.  
  • Internationally known tabla player Ray Spiegel, Indian slide guitarist Pandit Barun Kumar Pal (Hindustani Guitar) and Melanie Friedman on tanpura have a new CD release Ragas on Slide Guitar. For more information on Midwest tour bookings for Ray Spiegel, please contact Karlene Olesuk at (630)254-3246.
  • Chicago saxophonist Jim Kaczmarek and vocalist Annie Denison, both of the Milwaukee-based group Annie & The Jazz Orphans, are available for bookings in Milwaukee and Chicago and beyond.
  • Fareed Haque has an ongoing live trilingual poetry and music project captured on his CD The Poet with readings in English, Spanish & Hindi of the Poetry of Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda. It is a time-tested unique package for any professional performing arts presenter to book. 
  • Karlene Olesuk, winner of the Albert P. Weisman Memorial Scholarship Fund 2000 matching grant for the completion of a Columbia College Chicago student independent communication project to cultivate donors for the Raue Center for the Arts is available for arts management consulting, artists booking, grant writing, and collaborative projects. In addition, she plays oboe, piano, steal drums, and can teach beginner music lessons.

Previous consulting experiences:
  • Freelance advisor to create business plan for Anderson Computer Consulting.
  • Hired as an independent consultant by Nunda Township to co-edit and word-process the Nunda Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  • As Manager to Claudia Pérez Brown booked vocalist and her band to kick off LaPeńa Series at Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, sold CDs, creating DVD/CD of show.
  • Chicago freelance booking consultant, Oct 2003, for international tabla player Ray Spiegel, Indian slide guitarist Pandit Barun Kumar Pal (Hindustani Guitar) and Melanie Friedman on tanpura at Columbia College Chicago - Myron Hokin Student Center Annex for their new CD release Ragas on Slide Guitar. For more information on booking Ray Spiegel for future stops in the Midwest while on tour please contact Karlene Olesuk at (630)254-3246.
  • Chicago booking and CD consignment consultant as of Jan 2003 for Chicago saxophonist Jim Kaczmarek and vocalist Annie Denison both of Annie & The Jazz Orphans, We booked them at Joey T's in McHenry, IL.
  • Preliminary planning and booking consultant to the late guitarist / singer / songwriter and NIU alum friend Rufus Brown and the folk-rock-jazz group Mertyl.
  • Booking and PR consultant for Fareed Haque on his trilingual poetry and music project presented at the HotHouse from his CD The Poet with readings in English, Spanish & Hindi of the Poetry of Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.
  • Booked very first poetry series at The House - DeKalb coffee house and restaurant.


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For more artist information, demo CDs or photos please contact Karlene Olesuk at (630)254-3246.