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Karlene M. Anderson (Olesuk)

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Here are some of the products and services we offer as part of our main product and services lines. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product and services pages with new items.

Artist Consulting
My complete artist management consulting is everything you need to prepare yourself as a new emerging artist / presenter / nonprofit or an extra hand as an experienced artist / presenter / nonprofit, from A to Z really. Includes semi-annual reviews and tour booking. Never have out-of-date goals & planning, media press kits, CD j-cards, address labels or lists, and other marketing materials again.
for details.


Artist Roster Demo
Have a cover letter, labels, press release, demo CD sent out, and follow up calls completed, etc.
$20/hr labor plus expenses reimbursed


Entertainment Event Booking


Our booking guru Karlene can make sure your art, theatre or music is booked into prominent venues around Chicago and beyond. We work with all major performing arts centers and some minor ones. Professionalism and contract negotiations are included -- call for a quote. A professional tour is also something that can be arranged.
The going industry rate is generally 20% of each booked engagement plus 20% of each recurring contracted booking engagement.

Karlene M. Anderson * St. Charles * IL * USA